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Upon thorough inspection of asset(s), a consignment agreement detailing all relevant issues and expectations of the sale will be signed by both parties.

Sellers are responsible for providing QNC/212 Equipment with accurate, thorough and detailed information about their asset(s) to be sold. QNC/212 Equipment will then be responsible for photographing the item(s) and creating an item description to be published online, as agreed upon in consignment agreement.

Full disclosure is required; item descriptions provided to QNC/212 Equipment are assumed to be accurate therefore QNC/212 Equipment will not be held responsible for any after-sale disputes in relation to the with-holding or non-disclosure of information that would potentially discount the asset(s) total value.


Approximately 10' x 30'
$90/95/Month (Auto Pay/ Self Pay)
  • Dump Truck
  • Semi-Trailer
  • Combine
Prorated Monthly Storage Fees are due at the time of consignment, unless it begins on the first of the month. Every Month there after Storage Fees are due on the 1st of the Month until consigned item is sold or until the Seller &/or QNC/212 Equipment ends the Consignment Agreement, at which point, a Final Invoice would be issued and any applicable fees would be due upon receipt.

The Seller has the option to enroll in Auto-Pay with their Monthly Storage Fees automatically debited from their authorized Checking Account on the 5th of every Month while receiving a discounted monthly rate. To enroll in Auto-Pay, a blank check and an Auto-Pay Authorization Form must be completed on behalf of QNC/212 Equipment. If a Seller would prefer to pay on a month-to-month basis, they are welcome to do so with a Check, Debit or Credit Card.

Any payments made past the 5th of the Month are subject to a $10.00 Late Fee. Any NSF Returned Checks will be subject to a $50.00 Returned Check Fee. Total Monthly Storage Fees and any additional applicable fees will be agreed upon in the Consignment Agreement.

Commission Rates (Final Selling Price, Per Item):

  • $0-2500 25%
  • $2501-10,000 15%
  • $10,001-15,000 10%
  • $15,001-100,000 8%