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Upon thorough inspection of asset(s), a consignment agreement detailing all relevant issues and expectations of the sale will be signed by both parties.

Sellers are responsible for providing QNC/212 Equipment with accurate, thorough and detailed information about their asset(s) to be sold. QNC/212 Equipment will then be responsible for photographing the item(s) and creating an item description to be published online, as agreed upon in consignment agreement.

Full disclosure is required; item descriptions provided to QNC/212 Equipment are assumed to be accurate therefore QNC/212 Equipment will not be held responsible for any after-sale disputes in relation to the with-holding or non-disclosure of information that would potentially discount the asset(s) total value.

Prorated Monthly Storage Fees are applied after a three month period. Every Month there after Storage Fees are due until consigned item is sold or until the Seller &/or QNC/212 Equipment ends the Consignment Agreement, at which point, a Final Invoice would be issued and any applicable fees would be due upon receipt.

The Seller has the option to enroll in Auto-Pay with their Monthly Storage Fees automatically debited from their authorized Checking Account on the 5th of every Month while receiving a discounted monthly rate. To enroll in Auto-Pay, a blank check and an Auto-Pay Authorization Form must be completed on behalf of QNC/212 Equipment. If a Seller would prefer to pay on a month-to-month basis, they are welcome to do so with a Check, Debit or Credit Card.

Any payments made past the 5th of the Month are subject to a $10.00 Late Fee. Any NSF Returned Checks will be subject to a $100.00 Returned Check Fee. Total Monthly Storage Fees and any additional applicable fees will be agreed upon in the Consignment Agreement.

Commission Rates (Final Selling Price, Per Item):

  • $0-2500 20% 20%
  • $2501-10,000 15% 15%
  • $10,001-15,000 10% 10%
  • $15,001-100,000 8% 8%