2015 Marathon KERA 250BRE Asphalt Kettle


Hey There, This Asphalt Kettle is a nice Unit, that Works Great! It is a 2015 Tow Behind, It has a Heavy Duty Channel Iron Frame. It has industrial grade wide track axles with leaf spring suspension and electric breaks. We have a Large Selection Of Equipment to help you with your current and Upcoming Projects! We can sell you a unit or you can Rent it Out!

-2015 Model Year
-1,121 Hours
-KERA 250BRE Model
-250 Gallon Diesel Rubberized Asphalt Kettle
-Electric Brakes
-Breakaway kit W/ battery
-Slipper Spring Axels
-10lb. Fire extinguisher w/ Bracket
-2 5/16″ Ball Hitch
-Arrowstick, Light up Arrow Ends
-Port Hole Installed
-Electric Hose
-$34,900 OBO