Brave Pro Concrete Screed


**Boards additional charge!**

-Hardened aluminum blade ensures a smoother finish than conventional screeds
-Heavy rubber mounts to reduce the vibration level on the handle
-Adjustable handle height, vertical and horizontal position (optional)
-Tilt-up stand keeps engine out of concrete or off the ground when not in use
-Rounded ends of the blade make it easy to go around obstacles
-Change blade in less than 2 minutes

Screen Boards Size and Pricing:
4′ Board: $103
8′ Board: $225
10′ Board: $260
12′ Board: $305
14′ Board: $332
(Board pricing ONLY! Screed is $1,425)

**Reach out to see what board sizes we have on hand

*Set pictured would go for $1,528*

**Pictured set up with a 4 foot board**