GreyWolf Skid Steer Land Plane Attachment


Hey There, this Skid Steer Land Plane Attachment is built heavy duty and features cutting edges to skim off the the high areas and fill in the low areas. This universal Quick Attach plate is designed to smooth out rough terrain using the power of your skid steer.

-Gray/Red powder coat finish
-Heavy-duty Construction
-75″x19″x50″ (W x H x L)
-5/8″ reversible cutting edges on the front and back
-Multi-Directional tool works in forward or reverse
-Quick attach plate constructed of 5/16″ thick steel
-Cutting edges built for back dragging, grading or sod peeling
-Weight:590 lbs.
-Primarily used for leveling dirt and gravel, and grading landscape

*Universal Tach Plate For Full Size Skid*

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