GreyWolf Skid Steer Puller Attachment*Brand New*


Hey There, This Skid Steer Puller Attachment is constructed from 3″ x 3″ square tubing and 3/8″ thick steel! This Outdoor Hydraulic Powered machine is designed for removing trees and posts
using the power of your skid steer!

-Gray/Red Powder Coat Finish
-Heavy-Duty Construction
-49″x20″x37″ (W x H x L)
-9″ Maximum tree or post diameter
-Cylinder: 3″ bore x 8″ stroke
-Quick Attach plate constructed of 5/16″ thick steel
-Maximum Pressure of 3,500 PSI
-Designed to remove trees and Wooden Posts using hydraulic powered jaws
-Weight:420 lbs.
-Connected to and powered by your skid steer’s hydraulic system
-Hoses and Flat faced couplers included

*Universal Tach Plate For Full Size Skid*

*We have many skid Steer Attachments in store available*

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