GreyWolf Skid Steer Stump Bucket Attachment


Hey There, this Stump Bucket Attachment is built to be Heavy Duty using 5/16″ Thick Steel! This Attachment is designed to easily dig out stubborn rocks and Stumps using the power of a Skid Steer! This attachment is primarily used for prying up Tree stumps, old fence posts, removing sidewalks and asphalt, and digging up ditches and swales!

-Grey Powder coat finish
-Heavy-Duty Construction
-49″x19″x42″ (W x H x L)
-Plate constructed of 5/16″ Thick Steel
-Serrated edges for cutting roots
-Weight:202 lbs.
-Reach far under stumps to tear out roots using serrated edges on side of bucket

*Universal Tach Plate For Full Size Skid*

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